Towards a Flourishing Future:
Sustainable Business at Sam van Schooten 


At Sam van Schooten, we believe in the power of change and innovation to create a thriving future not only for our wonderful trade, but also for our planet. As pioneers in sustainable business, we have taken determined steps to reduce our carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the world around us.

Green Energy for a Fresh Start

Our commitment to sustainability starts at the source: energy. We are proud to announce that we have switched completely to 100% green electricity. By using renewable sources such as solar and wind, we are stepping with determination towards a carbon-neutral future.Every flower bulb that blooms with us is fuelled by the power of renewable energy. 

Wood: From Nature to Nature

We understand the value of forests as vital lungs of our planet. That is why we have chosen to use only FSC HYBRIDE wood, which is 100% sustainable. This means that our wood comes from responsibly managed forests, striking a balance between harvesting and conserving. With our choice of sustainable wood, we give something back to the nature that inspires us.

Cardboard and Paper: For Greener Packaging
Every bulb that leaves our company carries a message of sustainability, wrapped in our PEFC hybrid board and PEFC paper, both 100% sustainable. We are committed to protecting forests and the biodiversity they support. We make a difference with our packaging, because nature deserves nothing less than our best care.

Resin, Real Change
Our bulbs are a symbol of beauty and life, and we want to ensure that their impact on the world continues even after they bloom. This is why we have chosen 100% recyclable synthetic resin. This choice highlights our commitment to the circular economy and inspires others to join us on the path of positive change.

Why We Choose Sustainability

We believe that the earth is a treasure to be cherished and protected, not only for ourselves, but also for future generations. Our commitment to sustainability is not only a responsibility, but also an opportunity to make a difference. Together, we can create a world where beautiful flowers go hand in hand with a healthy planet.

At Sam van Schooten, we go beyond bulbs; we show that sustainable business is the way to a bright future. Join our journey and bloom with the change!

Sam van Schooten



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